Education and sports for underprivileged children age 4 till 14

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IBAN: NL17ABNA 0522610064
Stichting Vrienden van Estrela da Favela

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 Our Main Needs:

. A bigger schoolbuilding
• Salary for two new teachers to provide more personalized attention to our children 
• Kitchen appliances: stove, freezer, cupboards, cabinets, plates, glasses, tables, chairs, blender
• A cook
• Access to healthy foods (vegetables, fruits, and legumes)
• Funding for a sustainable nutrition project (raising fish) of approximately $5,000.00 Reais.
• A professional copier
• A dance teacher
• Dance uniforms and footwear
• School supplies: children’s books, didactic literacy books up to year nine, notebooks, printer cartridges, A4 printer paper, pencils, erasers, staplers, sharpeners, white out, staplers, disposable cups, games, and clothes.
• Minivan for transportation
• Contribution for memberships on sports clubs for the talented children
• Soccer uniforms, goalie gloves, soccer balls, goal net
• Snacks  
• Tablets for e-learning