Education and sports for underprivileged children age 4 till 14

Work methodology

Five excellent Brazilian teachers and a varying number of interns and volunteers teach about 100 children aged 4 to 14 years in everything they should have learned at school, but what is not or very poorly offered. They give math, Portugese, economics, history, biology and English and teach life skills since the parents don't do that.
Soccer trainer Vinícius, born and raised in Mangueira, teaches soccer twice a week. In addition to technical matters and tactics, he pays a lot of attention to life skills such as discipline, rules and sportsmanship. On the sports field in front of the school, sponsored by Van Oord, sports classes are offered in tennis, beach tennis and volleybal
Life skills
The teachers pay a lot of attention to social skills and general knowledge, such as hygiene, health, sexuality and abuse of drugs and alcohol. This is necessary because many children in the favela's don’t learn these things at home. There is also a psychologist who helps traumatized children and in some cases their parents.
At noon our professional cook Sonia, from the neighborhood, and the grandmother of two of our students, serves a warm and healthy lunch to all children of the project, so they don't have to study with an empty stomach. Here the children learn to eat fruits and vegetables that at their homes are not on their menu.
There is extra attention for the development of girls, because girls - the future mothers and educators - can bring about substantial changes to the Brazilian macho society. In monthly 'girls clubs' the female teachers discuss topics with the girls, from love and sexuality to the role of women in society.
The children make cultural trips to museums, theaters and cinemas. They also have participated in a music project in which they composed film music in collaboration with the foundation ‘Watch that sound’ from Rotterdam. Every year there is an end-of-year trip to a waterpark.