Education and sports for underprivileged children age 4 till 14


We are always looking for volunteers that can support us in Rio by giving sports and/or Portuguese and math lessons. If you are interested, please take notice that you have to speak basic Portuguese, since no one speaks English or Spanish in the favela. So a basic Portuguese is necessary to be able to communicate.

A second and at least as important requirement is a Declaration on Good Behavior.
We are particularly keen on (sexual) undesirable behavior and will not hesitate to call in the authorities if necessary.

Drug purchases and/or use in Mangueira will not be tolerated, nor will intimate relationships with residents of Mangueira.

Ensure that travel and liability insurance is taken in order.

We are also looking for people who want to do promotion and fundraising outside Holland.

People around the world organize charity events to raise money for Estrela da Favela. From New York, to Rio de Janeiro, to Rotterdam. Would you also like to organize an event? Contact us!

You can also organize actions for Estrela da Favela. For example, Mark Koelen cycled from Olympia in Greece via Los Angelas to Rio de Janeiro, earning a lot of money for Estrela da Favela.

Some exemples:

– 5 students did row 100 km to raise funds.

– Bas Baatenburg de Jong and his friend Dylan ran a   marathon. 

– A beneficiary concert is organized in Amsterdam.