Education and sports for underprivileged children age 4 till 14


Edwin Roodenburg
Edwin Roodenburg studied development geography and is a tennis teacher. He has years of experience in organizing and giving sports lessons in various favelas in Rio. Edwin is in charge of Estrela da Favela and is responsible for fundraising.
Edna Silveira
Edna has been working with traumatized children in an orphanage for more than twenty years. She has studied social assistance and law. She knows the way in Brazilian bureaucracy and acts as a bridge between Brazilian and European culture.
Rosy Alves
Child psychologist / teacher
Rosy is a child psychologist. She has years of experience in teaching children to live in difficult situations. She developed a method that is specifically aimed at children who grow up in a violent environment. She teaches the 4 till 9 years old children.
Tatiana Emilião Elídio
Social worker / teacher
Tatiana is a social worker with more than ten years of experience. In addition, she teaches the children age 9 till 14 everything they need to know.
Joice Cardoso
pedagogue / teacher
Joice has finished the pedagogical academy and studied child psychology. She has years of experience in social child psychology, nursery and primary school education. She’s teaching the agegroup 4till 9, together with Rosy
Renata Mendes
Math teacher
Renata is the teacher of Math en chemistry. When the children are about to go to high school, a math teacher is very necessary, caused by the difficulties the have since the math teaches at there public schools ara mostly absent. Renata formed a group of girls and boys want to go to high school or are already there. She's preparing them.
Sonia is the grandmother of three of our students. She provides every day delicious and healthy meals for all children and teachers. At Estrela the children are eating vitamines and minerals they never ate before and they love it.
Júlio César de Paula
Júlio is a retired professor from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and did national and international projects. He is experienced in working with children that live in vulnerable circumstances and minor offenders. Now he teaches math at Estrela and organizes beneficiary events. With his incredible network he promotes Estrela and is fundraising as well.
Vinícius Araújo
Football coach
At Estrela da Favela, Vinicius, who was born in Mangueira, provides football training on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the Van Oord sponsored football court that is situated in front of the project. He has completed the Brazilian sports academy.
Elise Roodenburg
Communication and content manager
Elise is a documentary filmmaker and anthropologist. She is living partly in Rio de Janeiro and partly in Amsterdam. Elise arranges everything about communication, PR and visual material.