Education and sports for underprivileged children age 4 till 14

Tickets Party & Pub quiz – November 1st

You can order tickets for the Estrela charity party on Friday 1 November at

Location is the atmospheric Kompaszaal on KNSM Island. The evening starts at 7.30 p.m.

Come enjoy and dance to Brazilian live music and drink a caipirinha. Play along with our new pub quiz and lotter, and bid in our traditional auction.

Register with a team of neighbors, friends or colleagues. This year there’s no dinner, but a spectaculair pub quiz, which is fun for the whole family. Therefore it’s not 100 euros per person, but 50 euros instead (for young people and students, the rate is 25 euros). Individual registration is of course possible, we will set you up with a nice team.

Until November 1st!

Estrela da Favela