Education and sports for underprivileged children age 4 till 14

Congrats Juan!

The new school year of 2019 started well at Estrela da Favela.

All students received a complete school package from the Kabala group.

We have some fantastic results from our students to share!

Juan was the first student from the favela Mangueira to get accepted at the technical high school. No one was ever before, although the school is at the foot of the neighborhood. In fact he school hosts almost exclusively middle class students.

Juan was able nail the entrance exam thanks to our teachers and in particular our maths and physics teacher Renata. A wonderful result for them both. Currently 5 more students of us are preparing for the entrance exam.

Congratulations Juan !!!

Also our congratulations to Maria Eduarda who obtained a traineeship at an office and to the little ones Camila and Rayanne who – because of their excellent exam results – have been selected to high quality schools!

Estrela da Favela