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Hunger returned to the favelas

By Edwin Roodenburg, founder Estrela da Favela

In fact, this newsletter was to tell you about the successes of Estrela da Favela, that we are about to start a second school and that we have even been asked to take over a nursery! But unfortunately, we have to discuss completely different matters. A Dutch news paper already mentioned it last week: a disaster of unprecedented magnitude is about to reach the favelas of Brazil.

Experts expect the coronavirus to cause many deaths in the favelas. A number of restrictive measures has been introduced in Rio de Janeiro. One of the undesirable consequences is that housekeepers and other favela residents who work in the rich neighborhoods, can no longer work and therefore lost their income. The informal street shops many people make a living off, are also shut down, because no one is out on the street anymore.

As a result, there simply is no more money to buy food or even soap to wash hands. Especially food is suddenly a big problem and we are regularly phone called by desperate mothers. Therefore, we started providing ‘cestas básicas’, packages with basic food and hygiene items. They cost 350 Reais, about €60. It can nourish a family with children for two weeks. We would like to continue this important help for our 110 students and their families.

I help and donate – part of – a food package

All schools in Rio de Janeiro are now closed and we had to close our doors with a heavy heart. Currently we organize classes for the children at home as best we can.

Our first priority now is to get our students and their families through this crisis in good health and without hunger. I am afraid it will take a while before the situation will return to normal.

I would like to urge you to help us with a monthly contribution in order to alleviate the emergency and ensure the survival of Estrela.

I help and donate

Many thanks for your help. I wish everyone a healthy and safe time, for the upcoming, difficult months.

Edwin Roodenburg
Founder of Estrela da Favela
06 – 524 311 48

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