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Newsletter #4 – Until September 1st, your donation counts double!

By: Edwin Roodenburg

I hope you have been able to enjoy the summer holidays.

In the meantime, we have continued to provide food packages, as the situation in Brazil – with over 100,000 corona deaths – remains dramatic. Estrela da Favela has not escaped either: three teachers and the cook got caught by the Corona virus, but fortunately recovered. Yet, the danger is far from over. Infections rise with 50,000 daily new cases.

The food and hygiene packages we are distributing for several months thanks to your help, have saved many families. As a result, all our students and 95% of the parents survived Covid-19 so far. We are extremely grateful for the many contributions that enabled us to provide food aid all these months already.

As the pandemic continues and we don’t expect a safe reopening of our school, a second problem emerges. Due to a lack of laptops, tablets and WiFi connections, we are not able to teach our students online. We are trying to cope with this by a weekly exchange of lessons and paper homework. But a thorough explanation is almost impossible, so we are looking for other options. An online connection that enables the teachers to explain the subject matter, would be a big step forward.

I find it difficult to turn to you again asking for help, but needs must. Anyone who has one or more (un)used or discarded laptops or tablets at home or at work would do us a great favor. We will ensure that they will be transported to Rio de Janeiro quickly.

YES, I would like to donate an old laptop (s) or tablet(s)

Fortunately, there is also good news for those who prefer to contribute to the much-needed food packages: all financial contributions will be doubled by the Wilde Ganzen foundation until September 1! We are of course very happy with any form of financial support. 

YES, I help and donate!

Voedselpakket Estrela da Favela

Of course, I hope to see you in person in the near future at our charity events or art lunches, where we can start focusing on the future again: the survival of our well-functioning school, that helps youth to rise out of violence and poverty.



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